Spray Bedliner Process

Mask and Cover

Similar to painting.

On a clean, dry truck, the bed is masked as if it is to be painted. The entire truck is covered to protect from overspray.

Wiped Clean

Grease and Wax Gone

The bed is wiped with a grease and wax remover, scuffed, blown clean, and then wiped again with grease and wax remover to get it ready for the LINE-X application.


High power paint gun.

Sprayed on, it dries in 3-5 seconds. It's ready for heavy use (shoveling out gravel) in 24 hours.


All Finished

Less than 2 hours from start to finish. Ready for immediate use, even in the rain or cold - but we recommend 24 hours ``set time`` before placing heavy objects on the bed.

Our Process is Tried and True

LINE-X exhibits the highest tensile strength, the highest tear strength, and the highest abrasion resistance of any spray-on bedliner available. This makes LINE-X the highest performing bedliner available anywhere!

Made from a two-part polyurethane elastomer system, LINE-X uses equal parts of an “A” component, or hardener, and a “B” component, or resin. When combined properly, the result is a polyurethane elastomer similar to the bottoms of your work boots.

The two liquids are combined using special equipment at the tip of the spray gun. LINE-X is applied at high pressure and high temperature, and “sets up” in just 3 to 5 seconds, resulting in an immediate set time to prevent runs and sags.

  1. dodge_1100% bond to virtually any surface
  2. Factory-like finish
  3. Environmentally safe – no VOCs, CFCs, 100% solids
  4. EPA exempt
  5. Able to withstand extreme heat, extreme cold



Adds Value to New & Older Trucks

A LINE-X bed liner is a great way to add resale value, whether you spray it on a well used or a new truck bed. According to the latest NADA* “Official Used Car Appraisal Guide” a LINE-X bed liner can add almost $200 in trade-in value to your truck.

(*National Auto Dealers Association, 2006 edition)

The skid-resistant LINE-X surface helps to hold loads in place. It won’t rip or tear like other “soft” spray-on bedliners!

Plus, it’s backed by a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty!