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Upgrade your vehicle with aftermarket wheels

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Improved Performance

Custom wheels offer better overall performance, as they are designed to optimize the truck's capabilities.


Aesthetic Appeal

Custom wheels give your truck a more stylish and distinct look, making it stand out from the rest.



Custom wheels are typically made with higher quality materials, ensuring they last longer and don't need to be replaced as often.


Custom offset wheels are designed to reduce road and engine noise, improving comfort while driving.


In the long term, custom offset wheels can be more cost-efficient as they last longer than standard wheels, reducing the need for frequent replacements.


Custom offset wheels provide better brake cooling, allowing for quicker stopping times and increased safety on the roads.

Custom offset wheels offer a number of benefits for truck owners. For starters, they improve performance by allowing you to better control the vehicle’s handling and traction.

Additionally, they provide greater aesthetics, as they have a more distinctive look and can be customized to add a unique touch to your truck.

Finally, custom offset wheels are typically made with higher quality materials, ensuring they last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often. All in all, custom offset wheels are an excellent choice for those looking for improved performance, style and durability in their vehicle.

Best Prices in Town

I've used both locations for a spray in bed liner and a few other parts like a Jimmy Jammer and a B&W hideaway ball along with a few other items . They have the best prices in town and trust me I called around and went back every time.

Jason Darr

Carli Leveling Kit Install

I had a Carli leveling kit put on a gas engine f 250 - the kit was top quality and so was the installation. I was assisted by Trey, who was great in helping me select the components and scheduling a time for the installation. The truck looks great, the stance is perfect , the ride is better than factory. This was truly an upgrade, not just a spring shim fix. Thanks to Trey and the crew at Alamo Truck Gear. I would definitely recommend them and will return for rear shock upgrade.

Art Villarreal

Custom Fabrication with Color Match Spray

I recently had a headache rack and toolbox installed with a color match LineX, it turned out awesome! They did some custom metal fabrication to the rack and Josh was great with communicating, to get that taken care of. Very happy with their work, and overall experience.

Brette Nickelson

Truck Accessory Experts!

These guys are THE experts.

Marjorie Dodd Sullivan

Great Shop, Great Prices

I highly recommend Alamo Tuck Gear. There great people and more than fair.

Cory Holland

San Antonio's finest!!

San Antonio's finest!! Great guys that do even better work!

Christian Isaacson

When I need gear for my truck ATG is my go to shop....

The team at Alamo Truck Gear - Line-X of San Antonio outfitted my F-150 with wheels, tires, side steps, tint, under seat cargo storage, fitted floor mats, bed tie-down kits, bed liner, rubber bed mat, and a folding toneau cover.


Custom Painted Bumper

Josh and his team are amazing! We ordered a custom painted replacement bumper for our truck and it turned out great! It was a perfect match right down to the fleck in the paint! It is beautiful! Thank you guys!

Wendy Ferguson Wofford

5 star service | best truck shop

We’re a Truck Accessories store in San Antonio customizing trucks, jeeps, suv’s and fleet vehicles.

We carry the truck accessories you want and need!