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Truck Bed Security | Weather Protection


A tonneau cover will protect your truck bed and help keep thieves away from your cargo. Our truck bed covers are equipped with a computerized locking system that ensures added security for your truck. Protect your cargo from weather-related damages and block out the weather, no matter the conditions. Get a truck bed cover to fit your style and needs.

Retractable Bed Cover

Retracting bed covers are the perfect solution for maximum security and style while providing protection against the elements. Made from tough metal materials designed to last and make your truck look great for years to come. Retractable truck bed covers are easy to use, and can be retracted or removed in seconds. They can also be locked closed, making it nearly impossible for someone to break in or steal your stuff.

Folding Bed Cover

Folding tonneau covers are the perfect choice for secure transport. When you have the cover closed, it locks into place and is completely secure — unlike soft covers, which are merely folded over. A folding truck bed cover is unobtrusive when open and easily folds out of the way when open. When the tonneau is closed, however, the cover is completely out of the way with no loss in functionality or access to the bed.

Rolling Bed Cover

When you need the best tonneau cover for access and weather protection, look into our selection of soft rolling bed covers. They roll up toward the cab for near-total bed access, and some designs have a quick-release mechanism, which lets you remove the cover by hand when 100 percent bed access is needed.

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