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Ford Raptor PREP WORK

Prepping a vehicle involves meticulously inspecting the entire vehicle making it ready to last through whatever adventure you are throwing at it.   The suspension, tires, drivetrain and electrical are crucial parts to keep a vehicle running.

If you race the Texas Raptor Runs or like to use your Ford Raptor to its full potential, Maintenance and Prep is a must!

We’re just about finished up with Dan’s Raptor here at our 281 location.  Dan likes to get all he can out of his truck and he can with confidence knowing he’s been keeping up with all the prep work and maintenance.  Some needed and some not so needed but worth it in the long run.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on underneath RAPPY.

Disassemble and inspect every part of the suspension.  Replace worn heims, spherical joints and anything else that needs it.

Rebuild shocks and bump stops.  This time we media blasted the shocks and had them cerakoted as well as blasted the lower control arms and coated them with STEEL IT.  While the truck was up in the air on the lift we went ahead and painted most of the frame to prevent corrosion.

The rear end had some play in the gears so we replaced the ring & pinion.

Replacing worn or broken parts, changing fluids, protecting wires and parts that could be damaged.  A good prep job will help ensure you have a great time and be able to drive the vehicle home.


To find out more on this subject you can send us a message or you can simply request a quote no matter the project.

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